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TORKWORX specializes in the sale, rental, repair, servicing/ hiring and the consulting of well-engineered solutions for industrial bolting applications.

TORKWORX is unmatched when delivering bolting solutions for standard or specialty applications. Quality bolting services are provided to include induction bolt heating, turnkey bolting services and specialty bolting projects. Common products include our hydraulic torque wrenches, tensioner pumps, ancillary bolting equipment, RAD torque systems, and tension systems.

TORKWORX offers engineered bolting solutions that combine strength, power, efficiency, performance and possess the unique characteristics to have been conceived with the most modern techniques.

TORKWORX is committed to offering our customers a complete turnkey bolting solution for all their critical applications. Through extensive discovery of our customer requirements we will provide only the most competent products and solutions to handle our customer's specific bolting needs. Through our comprehensive line of bolting products and services, TORKWORX customers are assured of the most effective solution...

Done right the first time.

TORKWORX is ISO CERTIFIED 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited.

TORKWORX is a private company and is dedicated to attracting military veterans.

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