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Induction Bolt & Nut Heating Service

Torkworx LLC provides induction bolt/nut heating services to open/close any turbine casings, stop and throttle valves, boiler feed pumps, and cross-over piping, with the most experienced and qualified technicians in the industry. Made in the USA our state-of-the-art equipment is built on the latest technology and is also available to rent for companies who prefer to self-perform.

Induction bolt heating eliminates the risk of High Voltage/High-Density electric heaters shorting out and creating internal damage to the bore of a bolt, also provides a safe alternative to open flame heating, which is inconsistent and can cause hardware damage.

With over 80 years of combined experience in induction heating, Torworx has the expertise to handle any induction nut heating project. Done right the first time.

Induction Bolt Heating

After years of research and development, Xtreme Bolting Services, Inc., introduced the patent-pending Xtreme Bolting Machine (XBM) at the Power-Gen show in November 2006. The XBM has several advantages over the Induction Heating method that has been the industry standard for bolt removal during an outage. Our system is lightweight, economical to use, simple to operate, and robust in construction. Size and weight are just two small advantages of the system, but when one considers that a single, 85 lb machine can remove 6 bolts at a time, the money saved on reduced outage time quickly becomes the biggest advantage of all. The Xtreme Bolting Machine and the services from Xtreme Bolting Services offered in conjunction with TTI have continued to gain popularity since its introduction.

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  • Capable of heating six (6) bolts at one time anywhere within fifty (50) feet of the machine location.
  • Remove or tighten within one shift
  • Shell removal in 1/3 the time it takes for induction removal, thus reducing outage time by days.
  • Can save Millions of dollars in down time
  • Can pull studs on stop valves and the turbine shell at the same time.
  • No water required.
  • No special wiring required.
  • Utilize the 480V/60 amp service right on the turbine deck.
  • Lightweight machine needs no crane or forklift to move.
  • Options available for basic heat treating applications such as PWHT and Pre-heating.

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