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Ultrasonic Bolt Load Verification Services

Ultrasonic system measures the elongation produced by tightening a threaded fastener. It has a range from 1 to 96 inches, it takes nanoseconds. It has up to 16-megabit non-volatile ram. Contact us today to see learn how Torkworx's ultrasonic bolt load verification services can help with your project!

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Ultrasonic Bolt Load Measuring Services

Principal Features and Benefits TORKWORX offers the most accurate method of determining the stress or load on bolts possible. Our Ultrasonic Bolt Load Verification Services utilize state-of-the-art monitoring equipment provided by TORKWORX and the most skilled technicians in the field. We can provide you with instant digital readings that allow for the proper and precise adjustments to specified clamping force.

Ultrasonic Bolt Load Measuring services from TORKWORX eliminate the guesswork in proper clamping pressure. Ultrasonic Verification instantly provides an accurate, digitized read-out of the true bolt load. This system allows the technician to adjust and verify the correct specified clamping pressure to every bolt. Internal algorithms compensate for material and temperature changes and ensure a consistent load to each bolt.

The simple operation and accurate calibration make it a must for dependable bolt load verification. Lightweight Portable Measurement Designed for mobility, this compact system weighs less than 3 pounds.

Its rugged design is suitable in any plant environment and has a continuous operating time of more than 40 hours. Our portable unit features large, color-coded function keys for rapid set-up and ease of operation. The automatic waveform and bar graph LCD display illustrates bolt stress, elongation, load, and time of flight. Instant and accurate TORKWORX Ultrasonic Bolt Load Verification services ensure fast and reliable data for accurate analysis and reporting.

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