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AcraDyne iEC Field Controller

AcraDyne’s iEC field controller is reliable, easy to operate, and is self-contained in its own weatherproof, rugged case to protect it from the toughest of environments. 

Gen IV ACE iEC Controller Features and Benefits:

This tool is designed for extreme-duty applications with torque values exceeding 5,000 Nm. The Gen IV Controller uses three different tightening strategies, which are:

1. Torque Control: The tool is driven to a preset target torque.

2. Angle Control: The tool is driven to or measures a preset degree of angle.

3. Yield Control: The tool is driven to the fastener yield point to achieve maximum clamp load.

The tool has the capability to program up to 256 parameters with as many as 20 steps. It also has 99 job capabilities, real-time curve viewing, and can store up to 20,000 curves, 1,000,000 rundown storage, and 5,000 event logs. You can backup and restore all the data through USB.

The AcraDyne iEC Field Controller's weatherproof, rugged case protects it from the toughest environments. Moreover, its compact design weighs less than 20 lbs. The ground clamp is quick and easy to set up, eliminating additional parts that are substantially heavy. The optional tool fan kit helps to prevent tool overheating.

This tool can interface with the AcraDyne series Dual-Lever tools that offer two-hand, no tie-down functionality. Additionally, it is capable of commanding any tool in the AcraDyne line from 1 Nm to 17,000 Nm, all with one cable.

The AcraDyne iEC Field Controller is compatible with both 110V and 220V power supplies. Its single Ethernet port increases the speed of connectivity, signal stability, and signal consistency.

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