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Acradyne HT Electric Series Bolt Tensioning

Acradyne's HT Electric Series Bolt Tensioning delivers accuracy through a closed-loop system. The onboard transducer ensures torque values are accurately reported. Dynamic torque is measured at the square drive providing the highest accuracy. Torque measurement is unaffected by changes in gear efficiency, normal tool wear between calibrations, temperature, voltage, or motor performance. Our system provides an LED for GO/NO signals and can be easily calibrated anywhere. Customizable accessories like interchangeable cables, controllers, and reaction arms. Tool calibration stays with the tool so any controller can operate the system. This is real torque control. Torkworx has introduced new generation ACRADYNE HTXD-SERIES electrically powered digitally controlled torque systems with onboard transducers. Increase productivity and reduce downtime by allowing the operator to visually confirm torque output and record the torque data for future reporting. This continuous rotation, torque control stall tool is faster, more accurate, and costs less to operate than older, less efficient bolting

Acradyne High Torque Series DC Nutrunner Features:

  • Additional safety when using a tool with a reaction bar or nose extension 
  • Requires both hands to start the tool, keeping hands clear of application
  • Helps avoid accidental starting of the tool
  • Available in four handle types: “Handle Bar” (F) style, Straight (S) style with side handle, Pistol (P) style and J-Handle (J) style
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